Add Web and App Clocking With The Utility Tool

uAttend Utilities is a web-based tool allowing uAttend customers to quickly configure their entire active Employee list with the permission and credentials to clock using the Web and/or Smartphone methods!
The tool will also send a Notification via email, all set up from within this convenient, easy to use online tool!

1. Open a web browser and navigate to

2. Enter your Company ID.

3. Enter the username and password for an administrator profile on the account.
NOTE: Only administrators have access to this tool.

4. Click the LOGIN button. 

5. Check the box next to all the employees you wish to apply an action to.

Alternatively, you can check the top box to select all employees from the list.

NOTE: If you have more than one page of employees on the list, keep in mind that even if you use the select all checkbox, you will have to go to each page to select the remaining employees.

6. Click the ACTION button toward the upper right corner of the list

7. Click the drop-down arrow to reveal the action options.

8. Select the action you wish to apply to the selected employees.

9. Proceed to enter a username and password for each employee you wish to provide remote clocking access to.

10. You can enter an email address if you wish to send a notification to the employee with their new access credentials.

If you do not enter contact information here, the employee will not receive the notification below.

However, they will still be able to clock by whichever method is selected.

NOTE: Notification by Phone is not currently available in the UK

11. When you have completed entering all the needed information for each employee on the list, click the CONFIRM button toward the lower right corner of the employee list.
You will see this Message – please ignore the Phone Number option – this is not currently applicable to UK customers

12. Once you have Confirmed the above message, you should see the list has been updated to reflect the changes implemented by the action you chose.

13. If you entered contact information for the employees, they will receive the following notification with instructions on logging in to the Web portal and/or Smartphone app.

14. Your Employees can log into the Web with the LOGIN button in the notification (or navigate via your account URL you used to login as admin) to get to the uAttend login page for your company.

15. They should then be able to punch remotely, as seen below in an example from the web punch option.

16. The email also contains information required to allow the Employee to log in and clock via the Smartphone App
Further information showing how to download, log in and clock with the App are available, HERE