Clocking – Department Transfers

This article will cover the process of clocking for department transfers.

  • After successful authentication, the device will display the appropriate quick clocking options (depending on the current clocking status and enabled features).

  • You can say “More Options” to display all the clocking options or say “Less Options” to return to the quick clocking options. You can also say “Log Out” to exit without clocking.

1. Tap the Department Transfer button or say “Transfer” to perform a department transfer.

2. Tap the Next Page button or say “Next Page” to navigate to forward in the department list.

3. Tap the Previous Page button or say “Previous Page” to navigate backward in the department list.


4. Tap the search icon and use the on-screen keyboard to search for a department by name.

  • If no results are found the following message will be displayed.


5. Tap the desired department button or say the displayed department number to select it from the list.


6. Tap the Yes button or say “Yes” to confirm your request to transfer to the selected department.


  • If successful, the device will display a confirmation message.