The uAttend End User License Agreement (EULA)

Following user feedback, changes have been made to both the uAttend EULA and the workflow for the capture and storage of personal and biometric data.

These changes address:

  • The original EULA being written specifically for the US market. This has been revised to fit the global market.
  • The frequency by which the Biometric Consent Form needs to be signed has been extended to 30 days. As the system is used all over the world this is the maximum period at which the capture consent can be set.

So, what does all this mean to you?
The new EULA will need to be agreed and accepted before any system access is allowed. Once agreed the next time each administrator / supervisor needs to register a biometric template on the system they will need to complete the Biometric Data Disclosure Agreement confirming that the data is being captured in line with regional requirements. They will not need to resign the agreement again for 30 days.

You can read the UK EULA, HERE
The Employee Consent Form can be downloaded from HERE
And the UK Biometric Data Disclosure Agreement is available HERE

The Biometric Data Storage workflow has been updated as detailed below.

  • Individual Users:
    • Temporary Inactive Users: biometric details and history will be deleted if they remain in the Temporary Inactive status for 180 days
    • Archived Users: biometric details and history will be deleted after 30 days
  • Entire Account:
    • Payment Hold: all user biometric details will be deleted after 30 days
    • Account Cancelled by Customers: all user biometric details are automatically deleted immediately

Once the biometric data has been deleted there is no recovery option so any historic records that may be required in the future need to be downloaded and saved locally prior to users being Archived,or your account being cancelled

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this update, but we felt it is important to ensure that the system remains globally compliant whilst minimalising the usage impact

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Support