Logging in to the uAttend App on a Smartphone

This help article will guide an employee, supervisor or admin on how to login to the uAttend smartphone app.

If this is for an employee, please refer to the following steps on setting up users for smartphone app clocking.

Please Note: Your smartphone will require a Voice and Data SIM – Data Only SIMs will not work with the uAttend app

Installing the Smartphone App

Download the application to your smartphone device from your phone’s App Store. The app is not yet available for windows devices.

Android – please note that the Android app only works with Android OS version 4.4 and onwards: Download here

iPhone: Download here

Before proceeding please ensure you have turned on Location Services on the Smartphone and that you have access to other websites

The app will not perform as expected without a valid internet access or without Location Services being activated

See our Setup Guide for further assistance, HERE

Logging In to the uAttend Smartphone App

1. Upon opening the app for the first time you will be greeted by the uAttend logo.

2. Next, you will be prompted to enter your 5 to 8-digit company ID.
This ID can be found by signing in on the uAttend online portal and will be on the top right of the page after where your company name is displayed

a) Enter your company ID.

b) Then press the next button.

3.Enter the user’s username and password, both the username and password are case sensitive.

i. If for any reason you have forgotten your username or password, you can retrieve your username or reset your password by pressing on the text labeled Forgot Username or Password? Located at the bottom of the screen.

ii. Clicking on the picture of an eye to the left of the password input field will allow you view the password you have typed.

iii. You can activate the feature to stay logged in by toggling the Keep me logged in switch to on. If you would not like the app to remember your username and password, you can keep the switch toggled to off.  

b) Press the Login button.

4. If you did not ensure Location Services were active when you installed the app, you will be prompted to turn on the service now

At this point you will see either the employee, supervisor or employee landing page, more information can be found on what that looks like can be found to referring to the landing page for different users’ articles.