App – Performing Clockings as an Employee

This section will provide detailed information and steps on performing the various types of clockings.

Please note: This option is only available for the employee role, if a supervisor or admin needs access to this function an additional employee role must be created for that supervisor or admin.

Upon logging in as an employee they will be presented with this screen.

· Steps on logging in can be found by clicking here.

Clocking In

To clock in the user will:

  1. Press and hold the Clock In button for at least 2 seconds. Once the colored bar around the clock button creates a complete circle.

a. The instructions on clocking into another department if department transfer is enabled can be found by clicking here.

2. The employee will receive a notification that they have been clocked in. It will display:

· The clock type made by the user.

· The time and date of the clock.

· The department that the employee clocked into.