Publish a Schedule

Once you have created a new schedule, you must publish the schedule in order to send it to your employees.
You may also leave the schedule unpublished if you wish to make further changes to it at a later date.

To Publish a Created Schedule, follow these steps:

1. Click the Scheduling tab at the top of your account.

2. Click Schedules from the options on the top left of the screen.

3. The published schedule for the current time period will be displayed, by default. If you’d like to select a different schedule, select the arrow on the left and select the schedule you are going to publish.

4. Click Publish.

NOTE: If the Schedule currently presented does not show a Publish button, this means that this Schedule has already been published.

The status of a Schedule is also displayed underneath the Schedule name in the All Schedules box to the left of the screen.

5. If there are unfilled slots in any of the shifts, you will receive a warning.
You may either cancel and fill the slots or choose to Publish

6. If all shifts are complete, you will receive a notification that everything looks correct. Click Publish.

7. From the confirmation window, you may choose to:

  • Download the Schedule as a PDF document
  • Notify Everyone on Schedule to automatically send the schedule to the employees via email
  • Share Later to view/download the schedule at a later time.

8. If you choose to Notify Everyone on Schedule, any employees in this schedule who do not have email addresses assigned will be shown here, so you can enter the email address you’d like to send the schedule to.
The Employee’s email address will be added to the Email field of their General Settings in the User tab
Once all email addresses are entered, click Send Notifications.
NOTE: Please be sure the schedule is complete before sending emails, as once the emails are sent they cannot be recalled.

9. The Schedule pdf file which is created will look like this:

10. The Email Notification sent to the Employee will look like this: