Scheduling Overview (Landing Page)

The Schedule Overview page is the default landing page when you click on the Schedules Tab.

This article will cover how to navigate this screen to view past and present schedules.

If you have just finished the set up wizard, from here you will click on Create Schedule to create your first schedule.

Click HERE to go to the Create a Schedule Help File.

After the Set up Wizard has been completed, clicking on the Scheduling tab will land you on the Scheduling Overview Page.

  • By default, the current day’s schedule with Status for the current time will be displayed and the hour/minute format (Standard or Military) will reflect the uAttend account settings (found in the General tab under Settings).
  • If no one is scheduled, you will see a page showing that there are no scheduled shifts for that day.
  • If there are no published schedules at all containing today’s date range, you will see a page prompting you to create a schedule.
  • If there are scheduled shifts today, you will be able to view details like Employee name, Position, Shift start/end time and a Status Indicator (here = green / not here = amber).
  • Shifts that ended prior to the current time today will be grayed out.

  • You can navigate backward to view the schedule for yesterday (but not before yesterday) or you can navigate forward to view schedules for up to 7 days from today.
  • You can also navigate day by day to view shifts from all published schedules for the next 7 days
  • If you click on a shift you will see expanded details, including shift template name and total hours scheduled for that shift.

Please Note that only Shifts created before a New Schedule is created are available for inclusion in that particular Schedule.
To add additional Shifts to existing Schedules, use the Add Ad Hoc Shift feature described on this PAGE.

Click NEXT to proceed to the Create a Schedule Help File.

Click NEXT to proceed to the Edit a Schedule Help File