Setting Up Users for Web Clocking

One way to clock in to the uAttend system is via the web, using the URL that you set up when you created your uAttend account. When employees clock in via the web, they will simply log in and click the In or Out button to clock in or out. For more information, see Clocking In Using The Web .

For users who will clock in via the web, the administrator must first turn on the web clocking feature within the user’s profile. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the Users tab on the main menu.
  2. Select the Employee’s name from the list.
  3. In the Username/Password section, click the Edit link.
  4. Enter a username and password for this user, then click Save.

The user will log into your uAttend account and clock in and out using this username and password.

  1. Click the Clocking Management link in the Subhead Tabs.
  2. Click the Edit link in the IP Login Security section.
  3. Edit the dropdown option from No to Yes and Save.

  1. Click the Employee Services link in the Subhead Tabs.
  2. Click the Edit link in the User Settings section.

  1. In the Allow Website Clock section, click the Edit link.
  2. Select Yes, then click Save.

Adding IP Addresses

The IP addresses feature is an optional feature that allows you to specify the location(s) from which your employees can clock in and out through an Internet browser. For example, if you enter your office IP address range, you are ensuring that your employees can only clock in and out from that location.

To add a new IP address, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Settings tab on the main menu.
  2. Click the Clocking Management link.
  3. Scroll down to the IP Addresses section and click Add IP Address

The system will automatically detect the first two sets of numbers based on your current location.

  1. Make any changes necessary, then name the IP address range (e.g., “Dallas Office”).
  2. Click Add.

Adding Multiple uAttend Accounts to One Device

If you wish to add more than one user account to a computer, we recommend using the Chrome browser. Chrome has the People option which allows multiple users to log into uAttend from one device

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the button for the current user. It may show that person’s name, email or an icon like this Sign in.
  3. Click Switch Person.
  4. At the bottom of the window, click Add Person.