App – The Landing Page for the Employee Role

This article outlines what the landing pages look like for a user with the employee role and describes the information available on that page.

Once logged in the employee will be presented with the screen below.

User Profile

The top left of the screen will display the logged-in employee’s first and last name.

User Status

Below the name is the employee’s user status which shows the last clock status which will display one of the following statuses:





Clock Status Information

Under the clock status is the clock status information which will display:

· The last time the employee clocked in.

· The last date the employee clocked in.

· The department the employee last clocked in to.

Clock Section

In the white box under the clock status information it will display:

· The current time at the top of the white box.

· The currently available clockings, which is dependent on the last clock type.

If the last clock was a Clock-Out it will display the Clock In button depicted in the image above.

If the last clock was a Clock In then it will show the following clock options:

· Clock-Out.

· Start Break.

· Start Lunch

If the last clock was a Start Break Clock it will display the End Break button.

If the last clock was a Start Lunch Clock it will display the End Lunch Button.

Department Transfer Button

If department transfers is enabled for that employee you can select a department by clicking on the blue circle at the bottom of the page labeled DT.

· Instructions on how to enable Department Transfers.

· A Step by step guide on performing a department transfer as an employee is available HERE

Tab Menu Options

On the bottom of the screen you will see 3 different menu tabs that the user can select:

The Timecard Menu

This option is only available if enabled under the user’s settings.

· Instructions on enabling view timecard for employees.

If enabled the employee can view his timecard. More information about this tab can be found by clicking the link below:

· Timecard help article. 

The Clock Menu

This is the default screen the employee is presented with upon logging in. Under this menu tab the employee can:

· Perform clockings.

· View the last clock information.

· Perform a department transfer.

The More Menu Option

This will display a sidebar that will allow the employee to log out from the account.