Troubleshooting the Smartphone App V3.0

Are Employees suspicious of the uAttend app?

  • Download the uAttend Smartphone App Security Statement from HERE:

Is the User set up for Smartphone Access?

  • The user requires a valid username and password and the Company ID
  • The Smartphone Access option must be set to yes for each user
  • If GeoLocation is enabled, Employees will require their responsible sites to be available in their personal Clocking Management tab
  • Check that the phone is set up for our Region – UK Google Play or App Stores may not yet support the app being tested
  • Check the language being used – not all languages are supported – Please where possible set this to “English UK”

Ensure you are using the latest Version

  • You can find the latest version at:
  • To check the installed version, tap More at the bottom right of the uAttend app screen – The version number will be at the bottom of the screen that appears
  • We are currently recommending deleting the old version and downloading the latest one from Google Play or the App Store. Going to either of these sites and searching “uAttend” will bring up the download page

Turn on Location Services

Location Services must be enabled to allow users to reliably log into and clock using the uAttend App V3.0

  • iOs
    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    • Make sure that Location Services is on.
    • Scroll down to find the uAttend app.
    • Tap the app and select While Using uAttend:
    • While Using the App: This option allows access to Location Services only when the app or one of its features is visible on screen.
  • Android
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Location.
    • Move the slider to On.
    • Tap Mode.
    • Select the High Accuracy Mode:
    • High accuracy: Delivers the most accurate location information by using GPS, Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth, and mobile networks to determine your location.

Do you have the Correct Login Information?

  • Company ID: Available from TMT, the customer’s uAttend portal or the Customer’s Welcome email
  • Username: Keep it Simple! Must be under 40 characters – we recommend AlphaNumerics only
  • Password: Something easy for the Employee to remember– we recommend AlphaNumerics only.

Check the Smartphone has a Signal – either GPS or WiFi

  • Smartphones should be able to utilise Location Services and access the internet, via GPS or WiFi, as long as one of these services has a valid signal
  • Note: Not all WiFi networks will allow users access to the internet…
  • Smartphone GPS graphics look something like this

  • Poor mobile signal strength can be due to many issues – not just the distance from the nearest mobile tower
    • If you are in a very busy area, it could be that the mobile network is overloaded at peak times
    • The weather, such as high humidity, heavy cloud and thundery conditions can affect the signal
    • If the router is inside a concrete or steel building, the signal will be greatly diminished
    • Buildings, hills or trees between the router and the mobile tower can also be an issue


  • WiFi graphics look something like this….

  • You can also check you have access to the uAttend web service by using the phone’s web browser, then, tapping in the web address:

You should see this simple message if you have access to uAttend

  • We recommend, where possible, to clock with the best available signal with a 4G connection, Signal can be interrupted by something as simple as trying to clock from the inside of a building, please try clocking outside instead if this is allowed.


  • Error Message Sorry! uAttend is unable to locate GPS. Please wait until your GPS device is ready and try again.
    • Is the employee trying to log into uattend from a site not covered by the GeoLocations enabled in their personal Clocking Management tab
    • Log out and ensure Location Services are turned on, and then log back in
    • Ensure there is either a mobile signal or web enabled wifi signal
  • Error Message – There was a problem processing your request. If this issue continues, please contact uAttend support.
    • Ascertain exactly what the user was trying to do when the message appeared and try to replicate
  • Error Message – Wait One Minute.
    • Usually where an Employee has clocked in and out without realising it.
    • There also appears to be an issue with a Missed Clocking and with a Break taken on the same day
  • App Crashes/Freezes phone – Ascertain exactly what the user was trying to do when the incident occurred and try to replicate – or ask for a video


  • If the above have all been checked out and the issue persists:
    • We will need as much information as possible: make and model of phone, operating system version, language being used, app version, wifi or mobile networks, signal strength, etc
    • A video or screenshots to help describe the issue