uAttend Biometric Data Disclosure Workflow

Every 30 days, you will be asked to agree to our Biometric Data Security Statement (UK BDD), this also contains information regarding how the files we create to check your staff’s biometric credentials are stored

As part of this process, American users have to obtain consent before they can use their Employees’ biometric data

In the UK, as we are covered by GDPR, you are not currently required to obtain consent from Employees to store their biometric data files, so, there is no requirement for you to download the Employee Consent Forms

To comply with UK GDPR, please ensure you complete the Disclosure document as follows, ensuring you enter initials and names EXACTLY  as they appear on screen:

At the base of this document, you will need to add your name as it appears onscreen

If you do not see this part, it could be related to the Zoom or View setting in your browser

If you are using Chrome, you can reset the Zoom in Tools > Zoom

Documents relating to our End User and Biometric Data Agreements are available for download on the EULA page of this help guide, HERE

This guide also describes how biometric data belonging to staff, who are Archived from uAttend, is now processed