Adding Employees

To add an employee, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Users tab on the main menu.
  2. Click Add User.

  1. From the Role drop-down menu, select Employee.
  2. In the First Name field, enter the employee’s first name.
  3. In the Last Name field, enter the employee’s last name.
  4. From the Department drop-down menu, select the user’s home department.

Please Note: If your Employee is not using the Smartphone App or will not require Web Access to uAttend, please ensure the USERNAME field is empty

You can add other user information on this screen or you may choose to enter it later.
See the Descriptions below for full information of all the available options in this screen

  1. Click Save & Continue to continue adding user information, click Save & Add New to add a new user, or click Save & Close.

If you have over 50 employees to add, we can offer a bulk import service to import your employees via a .csv file. Please see this guide for further details.

To set up the Employee’s profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Users tab on the main menu.
  2. Select the employee’s name from the list.
  3. Click the Edit link in the appropriate section to select each setting. Click Save when you are finished with each setting.
    Please Note that Employee options are available under the General, Clocking Management, Public Holiday, Communications and Employee Services

Username/Password: Add a Username and Password for the Employee. This is required for Web Clocking and Smartphone App Clocking

Home Department: The selected Home Department is used to apply Break Deductions and Overtime Rules to the Employee’s Timecard.
Note: Schedules, Roundings and Grace are not applied by the Home Department.

Department Transfer: This is used for Employees who may need to assign their work hours to various departments.

Email: The user’s email address. If the user forgets their password then they can call us on 01761 410084 and we can send the password to this email address.

Phone: The user’s phone number.

Date of Birth: Used in conjunction with the Timecard Report.

Edit Rights: From the drop-down menu, select View+Edit to allow the user viewing and editing rights, or select View Only to allow the user viewing rights only.

Employee Payroll ID: Enter a unique Payroll ID here – this is the reference number for salary reports. Please Note: Payroll IDs are removed from the Payroll ID field when an employee is archived allowing an active user to use the same Payroll ID

Hourly Rate: The Gross hourly rate of the user. Used in Timecard and Summary Reports.

Why not check out the training video on our YouTube Channel?

You can also set a Shift Rate by Employee or Department. See our guide to Shift Rates, HERE

Weekly Rule: Controls which order Weekly Overtime Rules OT1 and OT2 are applied to clawback hours when the Weekly Rule is implemented

Job Tracking: Enable the Employee to clock using Job Tracking

Status: Set the Employee as Active or Archived. You can remove users from your account, but they will be archived rather than permanently deleted from the system.
When an Employee is archived, they are no longer part of your price plan.

PIN Number: Set PINs for employees to use when they clock in/out using a timeclock or the touch-tone phone service

Fingerprint ID (BN5000/6000/6500 Only): To set up users for clocking in on a BN5000/6000/65000 timeclock with a fingerprint scanner, you will need to register their fingerprints. Each ID must contain six digits and be unique.

Face ID: (MN2000 Only) To set up users for clocking in on an MN2000 timeclock with a facial scanner, you will need to register a face scan. Each ID must contain six digits and be unique.

View Timecard: Allow Employees to view their Timecard via their uAttend account of via the uAttend app.

Allow Website Clock: This allows employees to clock in via the uAttend web portal.

Remember: Further options are available in the different Sub Header Categories at the top of the screen.