Adding Shifts

Using the Shifts feature.
This is not a physical scheduling tool, more a reporting tool on authorised or unauthorised user clockings.
You can set up a Schedule showing the expected working hours of an Assigned employee or employees.
Alarms can be set to trigger email alerts if users clock outside of the Threshold parameters.
The Shift and Shift Exceptions reports can be used in conjunction with the Shift tool to report on unauthorised user clockings and expected shift hours.

Please note: Employees cannot be assigned simultaneously to overlapping shifts
For example: If you wish to report on 0600 to 1400 and 1400 to 2200 shift patterns, set the END TIME of the first shift to 1359.
Set this way, you will be able to add employees to BOTH SHIFTS.

Why not check out the training video on our YouTube Channel?

Follow these steps to add a new shift:

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Shifts link.
  3. Click Add Shift.
  4. With the Schedule tab selected, enter the shift name in the Name field.
  5. Enter the shift code in the Code field.
  6. Select the check boxes for the days that will be included in this shift.
  7. Enter start times and end times for each day.
  8. If this is a night shift, select Yes from the drop-down menu in the night shift section.

On the Assignments page, you will select the individual employees and/or departments to which this shift will be assigned.

  1. Click the Assignments tab.
  2. Select the departments and/or employees that you wish to assign to this shift.

On the Alarms page, you will specify the alarm types that you wish to set. For example, you can set an alarm to notify you if an employee clocks in over 5 minutes early or clocks out over 5 minutes late.

  1. Click the Alarms tab.
  2. Select the number of minutes for each alarm type (Early In, Late In, Early Out, Late Out) under the Threshold heading.
  3. Enter the email addresses to which you would like these alarms sent, separating each email address with a semi-colon (;).
  4. Select the Enabled check box for Missing Break Clocking and/or Missing Lunch Clocking, as desired.
  5. Enter the email addresses to which you would like these alarms sent.

    1. Click Save and Next to enter another shift or click Save and Close.

Reporting Options
Once you have set up your Shifts, you can report on unauthorised overtime, lateness and early leavers, via email alerts or via the Shift Exceptions Report.
You can also use the Shift Report to ensure employees reach their target hours. Please see our guide to Shift ReportsHERE

If you are just wanting to setup a different Gross Pay rate for certain hours worked, you can use the Shift feature to set up a Shift to cover the related hours

Adding a Shift Rate

Once you have setup the Shift, you can apply a rate to each Employee or Department when they work within the Shift Hours

Here we setup a rate for an Employee, but the same process applies to Departments

  1. Click Users
  2. Choose an Employee from the list
  3. Click Shifts
  4. Choose your Shift
  5. In the new window, click Assignments
  6. Tick the checkbox
  7. Add a rate for this Employee
  8. They will now receive this Gross Pay Rate when they work the hours in this Shift