Exporting Pay Period Reports to Payroll

Administrators can manually export employee hours to Payroll using the Pay Period Report.

uAttend also has an FTP Scheduled Reports option which allows you to export reports at regular intervals to an FTP Server. Please see our online guide HERE .

The Export feature allows you to choose the format in which you will export the timecards for payroll processing.

To change the settings: Click the Settings tab, then click the Export link. In the Export Preference section, choose the format in which reports will be exported.

NOTE:  If you export to any format other than CSV or ProcessingPoint, you will incur a £5.00 charge per month.
If you are Exporting to a proprietary Payroll programme, you may need to map the uAttend Paycode fields to the relevant fields within that programme.
To do this, you Edit the Paycode Headers listed on this page

Specify the code you would like to use for each Paycode Header in the Pay Period Report by clicking the Edit link in the appropriate section and entering the code. When you are finished with each setting, click Save.

Here are the current options for the Pay Period Report payroll export.
We have prepared a Workbook containing examples of all of the available Export options. Please contact Support for further details.

Converting Between Hours and Minutes and Decimal Hours

Some reports are exported with Times shown in a Decimal format.
Use the following formula to convert Decimal time to Hours and Minutes – please ensure the Hours and Minutes columns are formatted as Custom cells with this format: [h]:mm

Other reports are exported with Times shown as Hours and Minutes
Use the following formula to convert Hours and Minutes to Decimal – please ensure the Decimal Columns are formatted as Numbers with two decimal places.