Viewing Timecards on the App

In this article, we will learn about navigating the Timecard section of the uAttend Application.

Note: You will need to have smartphone clocking enabled, as well as a username and password created for your employees to access their profiles using the uAttend app. Click here to check out that help file.

Select Time Card to be brought to the timecard page.

Here you will see the total hours worked for the current pay period, as well as any AL, SIC, or PH time applied. Your total hours are displayed on the right, and the breakdown of where these hours fall by pay code is displayed on the left. You can select the pay period range you wish to view by tapping on the dates at the top of the screen.

Note: You will only see a gross pay amount if the employee has a rate set in their profile. Check out this article here for more information on setting a rate for your employees.

In this section, there are three categories: Department, Date, and Accrual.


In the date section, you can select a date to see your exact clocking times and what type of clockings were made.

For example, you will see your IN/OUT times, as well as any breaks or lunch periods taken for the day selected.

Any notes made on your clockings will also be displayed under the clock time.

This section is also where you can list any applicable tips or expenses. Check out these articles for assistance with setting up Tips and Expenses


If you work in multiple departments, the Department section will display your hours worked in each department. 

Click here to check out the help file on department transfers. 

Note: All department rules are always applied from the employee’s home department.  


The Accrual section will display any time that falls under the pay code SIC, AL, or OTH for the date range selected. You will see the total amount Accrued, the amount used in this period, as well as your current available balance. 

Click here to check out the help file on setting up benefit accruals. 

To see information on submitting a Time Off Request, click here.